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We are often asked, “What is the difference between the Bayside Business Association and the Bayside Village Bid?” So, we created this to help everyone understand the difference.


Please note, the Bayside Business Association and the Bayside Village BID work in partnership to help support our Bayside businesses and improve the overall quality of life for the Bayside community.

What's The Difference Between BBA vs BID

Bayside Business Association is a business networking organization dedicated to serving those who work and live within Bayside. Our goal is to provide local businesses with the support and resources necessary to grow while also improving the Bayside community.

Bayside-based business owners can take advantage of great member perks, including:


  • Discounts from participating members
  • Complimentary professional headshot
  • Complimentary business card size ad in the Bayside Times and Queens Ledger
  • Promoting your business and events through the BBA network and social media platforms
  • Participation in the BBA’s “Day at the Races”, every June at Belmont Racetrack
  • Participation in the BBA annual Golf Tournament every October at the Clearview Park Golf Course
  • Participation in BBA’s signature Small Business Saturday event
  • Participation in monthly membership meetings
  • Participation in BBA educational seminars
  • Build your network at our BBA networking events
  • Exchange leads and referrals with fellow BBA members
  • Have a voice in local government
  • Speaking and professional development opportunities
  • Access to the BBA member directory
  • Newsletter covering events, programs, and relevant business topics
  • Discounts from participating members
  • Options Plus Discount Program bundled Dental, Vision, Hearing, Pharmacy, Vitamins, Pet Care, Telemedicine
  • Annual membership is $300 and pro-rated depending on the time of year a member joins.

A BID or Business Improvement District is a geographical area where local stakeholders oversee and fund the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of their commercial district.

BIDs create vibrant, clean, and safe districts. They deliver services and improvements above and beyond those typically provided by the City. These services can include:


  • Street cleaning and maintenance
  • Public safety and hospitality
  • Marketing and events
  • Capital improvements
  • Beautification
  • Advocacy
  • Business development

BIDs help to brand their districts and market small businesses on their corridor. They facilitate networking among merchants, host community events, and advocate for improvements to the district. BIDs also serve as a liaison between local businesses and stakeholders and the City government. In doing so, BIDs provide a collective voice for the neighborhood and help inform City policy based on their unique local knowledge.

  • The Bayside Village BID promotes and provides services exclusively along Bell Boulevard.
  • The Bayside Village BID coffers support to the businesses covering the half a mile stretch of Bell Boulevard from 35th Avenue to Northern Boulevard and a portion of 41st Avenue.
  • All businesses located in this geographic region are required to be members of the BID (Business Improvement Districts).
  • A Business Improvement District (BID) is a geographical area where local stakeholders oversee and fund the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of their commercial district.
  • BID programs and services are funded by a special assessment billed to property owners within a district. Assessments are unique to each BID and decided upon by the BID’s stakeholders. The City of New York assists with the collection of the special assessment, which in turn, is distributed directly to the BID. The BID receives 100% of the money collected.
  • On average, assessments make up 75% of BID budgets. Most BIDs also fundraise, apply for grants, and generate revenue from programs to support the services they provide.
  • Key Services Provided by the BID
    • Supplemental Sanitation Services
    • Holiday Lighting
    • Government Relations
    • Beautification
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