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December 2023 Newsletter

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On behalf of the Bayside Business Association Board of Directors, we want to extend our warmest wishes for Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year. You are all wonderful people to be around, and we look forward to serving you and helping your business prosper in 2024. Look for our Year In Review email during the first week of January!

Barry Arcuik 

BSA Home Improvement Contractors




Tell Us About Your Business

We are a General Contractor that does concrete and Masonry as well as Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations.


What does your dream client look like? Or is there a specific company in Bayside you would like an introduction to?


The clients we like to work with to fulfill the dream of an outstanding project that they have in their minds.

What should the BBA community know about your company that would surprise them?

Family run and operated, we have over 45 years of experience in the field of construction, home remodeling and renovations, both residential and commercial. We handle everything from kitchens to bathrooms to concrete and foundation roofing.


Why did you choose to do business in Bayside?

After living in Bayside for 25 years with a family who also resides in the Bayside area, we have seen many changes throughout the years and continue to participate in the growth of the neighborhood as well as the surrounding areas.


How did you first get involved with the BBA?

Other business organizations and memberships have spoken to us regarding signing up as a new member and to participate in the growth of the organization.


What was your first impression of the BBA?

We were very impressed when we attended a membership meeting and found that the organization truly represents the Bayside community. We are excited to join this organization.


If you could change one thing about the BBA, what would it be?

We are only new members and over a period of time we can make recommendations as we go along and get involved.


What do you wish other people knew about the BBA?

We wish we would have known sooner about the organization that is relating to the business and Bayside so we can tell our coworkers as well as business associates regarding the growth of your organization.


What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the BBA?

We will tell others as we go along about joining the BBA after we participate with the organization and find out more about it.


What do you think will change about the BBA over the next five years?

We hope any changes that will be made will be discussed with the committee and approved by the membership throughout the years on their experience as well as participating with the membership.

Please stay tuned for the announcement of the new date. Your enthusiasm and support mean the world to us.Your participation in our events is a key factor in your desire to increase your business and make stronger connections with fellow Bayside business leaders and the community.


Thank you for being part of our vibrant Bayside community and for your ongoing support of the BBA. Let’s make our upcoming event in January one to remember!


The best way to increase your business’ visibility, your network, thus business as a whole, is to be an ACTIVE member of the BBA.

  • Commit to attending meetings
  • Consider applying to be on the BBA Board of Directors
  • Participate in committees
  • Help plan events
  • Plan to have a 15-minute call or 30-minute meeting with another BBA member
  • Host a workshop/webinar/in-person event at your place of business
  • Share your blog posts, industry news, events/meetings/fundraisers/promotions and specials with us and we will do our very best to share it with our contacts and get BBA members in the room to support YOU

If you are interested in participating or getting more information in getting involved in any of the aforementioned, email Alison at Alison@baysideba.com.

Join the BBA in helping us achieve our TOP 3 New Yar’s Resolutions. Take a look at our resolutions for 2024 and be an active part in helping us achieve these goals!

  1. We want to grow our membership to 150 Members who are active business owners and leaders in the community!
  2. We want to improve our benefits and services to our members – take our survey and tell us just what is missing! Click here to complete the survey: https://form.jotform.com/233394810708156
  3. We want to build bridges and strengthen our relationships with community leaders and businesses in the various demographics represented in Bayside. If you can help invite your contacts

January 9th – Board of Directors Meeting

January 18th – BBA Networking Event at Bourbon Street 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, featuring Memory Master, Matthew Goerke

Early Bird Rate Expires Soon – Buy your tickets today and SAVE!


January 30th – Center for Smiles Event and Membership Meeting…details to follow

Visit our interactive calendar below!

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