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July 2023 Newsletter

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Dear Members of the Bayside Business Association,


I hope this letter finds you all in good health and high spirits as we approach the end of another eventful summer. As we reminisce on the past year, it’s incredible to see how far we have come as an organization. This time last year, we were in the midst of rebranding and rebuilding the BBA, and now, we stand together as a thriving community with a bright future ahead.


One of the most rewarding aspects of this journey has been the addition of several new members to our association. These business leaders have become integral to every aspect of our community, offering Baysiders quality services, goods, and unwavering support. Your commitment and dedication have undoubtedly contributed to the growth and prosperity of our association.


Throughout this summer, we’ve had some incredible events that brought us all together, fostering valuable connections among our members. The night we spent at Citi Field, networking and cheering on the game, was a resounding success, especially since our team emerged victorious! Such experiences strengthen the bonds within our community and demonstrate the power of collective support.


Q: Tell us about your business in two sentences or less?

A: Representing Paychex, I serve small business’ manage their workforce from flexible pay options to attracting, retaining, and retiring employees. Paychex makes workforce management simple, taking the administrative and tedious work off the hands of business owners.


Q: What does your dream client look like? Or is there a specific company in Bayside you would like an introduction to?

A: I wouldn’t say I have a dream client, although I would recommend consultation with any new business, long-standing business that wants to take time off their hands or may be growing, or a business with generational employment looking to set themselves apart to attract and retain employment whilst staying in compliance with ever changing policy.


Q: What should the BBA community know about your company that would surprise them?

A: Paychex not only offers payroll, but we also offer HR capabilities, as well as retirement benefits, and business insurances. We are an all-in-one solution for business aiming to consolidate, especially during these economical times. Also, while Paychex serves over 730,000 clients in the United States, over 150,000 have been with us over 10 years, a true commitment to service.


Q: Why did you choose to do business in Bayside?

A: Bayside is a part of my territory and I look forward to serving small business to help them manage workforce, pay employees, and stay in compliance with local and federal agencies.


Q: How did you first get involved with the BBA?

A: I had the pleasure to join the networking event at PC Richards.


Q: What was your first impression of the BBA?

A: After the networking event I immediately felt the impact, everyone was committed to create within the community.


Q: What do you wish other people knew about the BBA?

A: I wish other people new how inclusive and easy it is to network.


Q: What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the BBA?

A: The BBA is there to support your business by providing the resources necessary to be successful including a network of professionals that are willing to help.


Q: What do you think will change about the BBA over the next five years?

A: I believe in the next 5 years the small business owner will look to the BBA to not only network but find support and resources to become successful.

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