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From the Desk of Ed Probst

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Summer is just around the corner, and I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. As the President of the BBA, I wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to all of our upcoming planned events and highlight the immense significance of networking for the growth and success of your businesses.


In today’s competitive business landscape, establishing and nurturing professional relationships can make all the difference. Networking provides an invaluable platform for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals to connect, collaborate, and share insights that ultimately contribute to their collective growth.

Allow me to emphasize some key reasons why networking is crucial for small businesses:


Expanding Business Opportunities: Networking opens doors to a world of new business opportunities. By engaging with like-minded individuals, you expose yourself to potential clients, strategic partners, and suppliers who can help fuel the expansion of your business. Opportunities often arise from unexpected connections, making networking events fertile ground for discovering fresh possibilities.


Building Trust and Credibility: Building relationships through networking allows you to establish trust and credibility within your industry. People are more inclined to do business with individuals they know and trust. By consistently attending networking events and demonstrating your expertise, you enhance your reputation and become a trusted figure in your field.


Sharing Knowledge and Insights: Networking provides an excellent avenue for knowledge-sharing and gaining insights from fellow professionals. Through discussions, seminars, and workshops, you can learn from the experiences of others, acquire new skills, and stay updated on industry trends. This exchange of knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions, adapt to changing market dynamics, and enhance your business strategies.


Creating Lasting Relationships: Networking is not just about immediate gains; it is about fostering meaningful and lasting relationships. By cultivating connections over time, you can build a network of individuals who support and advocate for your business. 


These relationships may lead to long-term partnerships, collaborations, and referrals, expanding your reach and customer base.

At the BBA, our mission is to create a thriving community of professionals dedicated to helping one another succeed. Through our regular networking events, workshops, and mentorship programs, we strive to provide a supportive environment where small business owners can flourish.


I encourage you to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by our networking group. We have planned several events for the summer that will allow you the opportunity to network and grow your business, while having fun and learning.


Join us at our upcoming events, participate actively, and engage with fellow members. Together, we can build a strong network that propels each of our businesses to new heights.


Thank you for your continued support and participation in the BBA. We are excited to witness the growth and achievements of your small business as we work together toward a brighter future.


Wishing you every success on your entrepreneurial journey.


Warm regards,

Ed Probst



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