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New Member Spotlight: Ross Keit At Keller Williams Realty Landmark

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Ross Keit


Keller Williams Realty Landmark



Tell us about your business in two sentences or less?- For all your real estate needs – Start With Us – The Keit Team At Keller Williams Realty Landmark. Whether you have a real estate need  locally, nationally or internationally – we can help. Moving Across Town, Across The Country Or Around The World – We Make Moving Easy!


What does your dream client look like? Or is there a specific company in Bayside you would like an introduction to? – I am always looking for someone who has a real estate need, whether looking to buy, sell or invest, as well as director of human resources or decision makers of small and medium size companies.


What should the BBA community know about your company that would surprise them? – Through our Keller Williams International Relocation Division, we have our Corporate Advantage Program and can help small and mid-size companies attract and retain employees through these benefits.


Why did you choose to do business in Bayside? – besides growing up here the majority of my life, it has a great mix of residential and business communities and offers so many activities and places to eat that I never get bored. Also the plentiful options of transportation makes it easy to get into other parts of Queens, Manhattan or Long Island.


How did you first get involved with the BBA? – My first exposure was through their golf outing almost 10 years ago and then got to know some of the members through various business networking groups/events. In addition Bob Klein who is a board member happen to be my neighbor for many years.


What was your first impression of the BBA? – It’s comprised of so many like minded business professionals and everyone is always looking to help the members grow and expand their businesses.


If you could change one thing about the BBA, what would it be? – Would love for more people to get involved and hear about the great things the BBA offers.


What do you wish other people knew about the BBA? – They have been around for over 25 years and I was even impressed myself on how many local businesses are already members.


What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the BBA? – This is a great group  of business professionals that have wonderful benefits to offer their members and a great value.


What do you think will change about the BBA over the next five years? – I think this group will add many more members who will see the tremendous value that this group offers and it will really make a difference in Bayside even more so than it already has

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