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The Bayside Business Association Honors Friend of Bayside John Ryan

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The Bayside Business Association has chosen to honor John Ryan, often referred to as JR, as the recipient of the 2023 Golf Outing recognition. JR is deeply ingrained in the Bayside community, where he wears several hats as a business owner, a friend, and a dedicated member of various community initiatives.


JR began working in Bayside at the original One Station Plaza as a busboy and worked there for eight years prior to opening BBJR’s with Mark Boccia. His current role encompasses ownership and management of One Station Plaza, along with part ownership in another Bayside establishment known as Bourbon Street. Additionally, he is a co-owner of Austin’s Ale House located in Kew Gardens. With such an array of business responsibilities, one might assume that his plate is already full. However, JR’s commitment extends beyond business endeavors.


He is not just a successful entrepreneur but is also celebrated for his sincere friendship towards Bayside. His contributions to the community are rooted in tireless efforts dedicated to the well-being of both local businesses and residents. This recognition of JR’s character goes hand in hand with his down-to-earth and humble nature.


What might come as a surprise to some, is that JR’s proudest moments are centered around something other than his business accomplishments. He, along with his wife Christine, take immense pride in their children’s academic achievements; Cailey, Conall and Johnny have all attained graduate-level degrees. Their achievements underscore the values and unwavering support JR and Christine offer to their children


JR’s impact isn’t confined to his businesses or his children’s achievements. His establishments are known for the welcoming atmosphere they provide to patrons, where people can comfortably dine alone. This is a testament to his staff, many of whom have been by his side for years, in creating a positive ambiance that visitors encounter.


Despite his busy schedule, JR remains personally involved in his business. He’s often found at one of his establishments, personally greeting patrons and even holding doors open. Beyond his business interests, he is an active participant in community events such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, holiday light installations as a member of the Bayside Village BID, and the Bayside Restaurant Stroll.


JR’s connection with Bayside traces back to his youth, and even though life has taken him on diverse paths, his commitment to enhancing the Bayside community and nurturing connections within it remains steadfast. This recognition from the Bayside Business Association is a testament to his enduring impact and dedication.

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